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Teen Girls and Exercise

July 04, 2022 1 min read 1 Comment

Yes to exercise, and yes to teen girls doing it. Power to the body getting in motion and feeling great every day. We are in motion from in the womb, then as toddlers, why stop at teenagers? A lot of teenage girls don’t exercise enough but instead eat less. KaymoA Store wants all teen girls to know exercise is key to good health before you reach adulthood, and even more fundamental, once you become an adult. But the foundation of exercise starts early; so get involved in physical activities at school, and walk on the weekends. During the summer walk, do  activity like tennis, or even more chores around the house. Wintertime is the hardest, it’s cold outside so how about dancing in your bedroom or the living room 😊, make it a family dance party. You don’t have to run or do push up, just help mom and dad around the house and get that exercise  goal started. Keep a Y mind Open to EXERCISE 👍

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July 04, 2022

Totally agree . I have 2 teen daughters and they don’t exercise at all.

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