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Women Clothing - KaymoA- Gem Club

November 25, 2022 2 min read


Ladies,  ever seen women clothing you like but the price is too high? That one item that you want,’ but the discount is not low enough for you to buy? 

I have an eye on a purse for 6 months but have to wait on sale season to get it “ Sharon, Charleston, SC”. 

I wanted a dress from prom but need a huge discount to order “ Kelly , Arizona”.

Popular brand shoes are expensive, but I have seen something similar that I love but no discount “ Tamara , Connecticut”

Here is a challenge . Check out our website and tell us your favorite item ( 1 item) on our store by filling out KaymoA Gem Club sign up form located at menu on home page , include the item link/ name to get 50% off that item sent to your email. 

No need to spend X amount to get a discount, and  guess what,  it will be shipped to you FREE with a FREE Keep a Y mind Open Always Keychain. 

Every woman should find that gem in style and get it with no hassle.

Fill out the form now and be apart of KAYMOA-GEM CLUB


One  form accepted per customer for this offer per year . Only one offer per year per customer . This is a year round discount giveaway.

Customer will purchase item with discount code that will be emailed. Discount code can only be used for that one selected item only. Discount code cannot be combine with other discount code.

Order confirmation will be emailed or sent by SMS message when placed. Shipping details will be sent within 10 days of order.  Orders shipped, will be tracked with carrier. 

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