32pcs Facial Eye Shadow Eyeliner Brush Set

This brush set will turn your morning makeup routine into a flawless experience. These brushes have soft bristles and sleek handles, which allow for easy application and precise control over your makeup. Each brush is made of high-quality materials and can be used with any type of eye shadow or eye liner.

They are designed with high-density soft nylon bristles, no shedding, no odor, easy to stick powder and clean, and no harm to your skin. The handle is made of tea family wood, and the connection between the handle and the brush is made of aluminum.

Professional Makeup Brushes: 8x makeup brushes (for different purposes or replacement), 4x concealer brushes, 4x eyeshadow brushes, 3x small round shadow brushes, 3x sponge eyeshadow brushes, 2x eyeliner brushes, 1x nose shadow brushes, 1x angle electric brushes, 1 x Lip brush, 1 x eyebrow brush, 1x foundation brush, 1x large fan-shaped brush, 1x small fan-shaped brush, 1x mascara brush, +1 x nylon bag