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Keep a Y Mind Open Always - What Does It Mean?

December 22, 2022 2 min read

What does ''Keep a Y mind Open Always'' means?

Welcome to a new phrase that will make you think beyond your current state of mind.

What do you think “ Keep a Y mind Open Always” means?

Many have asked what does the Y in this phrase mean? 

We are taking the social media concept of the letter “ Y” from meaning “Why” to bring you a concept of a funnel. Imagine the shape of the letter “ Y”, what does it look like to you? 

To use it looks life a funnel , just like the one in your kitchen , or in your garage. So why not give it a meaning then, and we have, within our store name KaYmoa. 

This phrase, that KaYmoa Store stands behind, is the story behind KaYmoa and KaYmoa’s KY Collection. I will explain it to you, and hopefully, it makes every sense, because of course, it’s up to you.

So let me first tell you about KaymoA Store and how we came about it. KaymoA Store was established, by a mom of two teen girls.
My name is Rochelle, and I remember being a teen girl and the struggles I faced finding my identity and believing in myself when no one, not even my mother believed in me. I wanted at that time to find encouragement and motivation to go through tough times but did not know how.

As I got older, I realize that believing in oneself was the most important thing ( being self-aware), and finding comfort in something other than the negativity that surrounds us every day, was crucial in being self-motivated. But no matter what, I could not find that pitch for motivation, strength, and inner self-growth that I needed; I could not find “ strength over fear”.

In 2021 my oldest daughter was trying to find herself, and it was a challenge that I was also familiar with. So I prayed and asked for guidance to find the strength for my daughter, that’s how KaymoA ( Keep a Y mind Open Always) came about.

Keep a Y mind Open and Keep a Y mind Open Always means finding your inner strength to overcome what is around US. To take everything in ( the Y in KaYmoa) and dig deep to expel greatness for a better self, and to do this ALWAYS.

Either wearing an item of clothing, having a keychain, a pen, a piece of jewelry, or even a headband with this encouragement, can carry, and help you to a point of improvement for yourself and others.

Our KY Collection also has unisex selections, so the encouragement can be shared as a family, and we know if family encourages one another, positivity is shared faster.

My teen girls are the inspiration for every design in the KY ( Keep a Y mind Open Always) collection and of course the stylish women's clothing and accessories we sell to you.

Get Inspired and motivated with us, inspire yourself, and others will follow!

Keep a Y mind Open Always!